About Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions was opened up in 2004 and our goal has always been to offer better solutions for our clients storage needs. This mostly includes trying to maximize the space utilized in closets, pantries, kitchen cabinets, and garages.

We offer closet organization systems that can include drawers, baskets, hampers, pull out shelving, shoe shelves, dividers, belt, tie and scarf racks, etc..  We also offer solutions to pantries which include shelving, drawers, baskets, pull out spice racks and wine racking, etc..  We are introducing a new and better garage organization line, which includes everything from cabinets to drawers and wall storage where you can store kayaks, bikes, SUP's on down to hammers and more.  Our prices are very competitive and most closet installations can be done in a day, once the materials have been received.

Please contact us if you think you need any Storage Solutions for your home or business.