Unique and stylish - our secret finish for closet shelving systems is a traditional light wood color.Our white finish looks fabulous in any closet and offers a custom boutique style look.Dark, modern and sleek - our chocolate pear finish works for any closet of any style.Home Office with Allegra Door StyleWalk in Closet with Milan Drawer Fronts

Custom Closet Finishes for Every Size Closet!

When designing your custom closet, we strive to match your closets style with your own personal taste. Whether you want an antiquated look, modern marvel or traditional and classic style - we have a variety of closet finishes for you to choose from. Our finishes are all easy to clean, beautiful and durable. Scratch resistant and built to stand the test of time, you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best in cabinetry and shelving when working with Storage Solutions in the Cayman Islands. 

The Perfect Finish for a Polished Look

Our cabinet, drawer and shelf finishes complete the look of your closet. With ten beautiful colors to choose from, the choice is yours and the choices are fantastic!

Our cabinet finishes come in the following beautiful choices:

White Custom Closet Finish


A gorgeous white finish is classic and beautiful in design.

Antique White Custom Closet Finish

Antique White

Choose the antique white finish for a shabby chic look.

Arctic Custom Closet Finish


Cool and modern, the arctic finish is fabulously neutral to fit any home's style.

Concrete Custom Closet Finish


A modern grey touch to your closet can change the whole element of your bedroom's style.

Cloud Custom Closet Finish


Secret Custom Closet Finish


Classic and traditional light wood coloring is perfect for a closet in any style home.

Candlelight Custom Closet Finish


Our modern and light wood grain finish is gender neutral and perfect for a shared his and her closet.

Drift Custom Closet Finish


Warm Cognac Custom Closet Finish

Warm Cognac

This rich and bold finish offers bold style with class.

Coco Custom Closet Finish


Luxurious and beautiful, this warm finish will only enhance your wardrobe with style.

Ash Custom Closet Finish


Mahogany Custom Closet Finish


Chocolate Pear Custom Closet Finish

Chocolate Pear

Go as dark brown as possible with this chocolate pear finish. Elegant and stylish in every sense.

Licorice Custom Closet Finish


This dark black and beautiful finish is sleek and modern. The perfect finish for a custom closet with style.

Chiffon Custom Closet Finish

Chiffon - Mixology

(Doors and drawer fronts only)

Galaxy Custom Closet Finish

Galaxy - Mixology

(Doors and drawer fronts only)

Falcon Custom Closet Finish

Falcon - Mixology

(Doors and drawer fronts only)

Mercury Custom Closet Finish

Mercury - Mixology

(Doors and drawer fronts only)

Reed Custom Closet Finish

Reed - Mixology

(Doors and drawer fronts only)

Latte Custom Closet Finish

Latte - Mixology

(Doors and drawer fronts only)

Blush Custom Closet Finish

Blush - Mixology

(Doors and drawer fronts only)

Fawn Custom Closet Finish

Fawn - Mixology

(Doors and drawer fronts only)

Dew Custom Closet Finish

Dew - Mixology

(Doors and drawer fronts only)

Vintage Custom Closet Finish

Vintage - Mixology

(Doors and drawer fronts only)

Winter Custom Closet Finish

Winter - Mixology

(Doors and drawer fronts only)

Cloud Acrylic Custom Closet Sinish

Cloud Acrylic - Mixology

(Doors and drawer fronts only)

White Acrylic Custom Closet Finish

White Acrylic - Mixology

(Doors and drawer fronts only)

Choose your custom closet finish today to match your style by signing up for a free design consultation!