Store seasonal items in plastic totes with labels for easy identification and access.Hang anywhere in your garage for extra storage space.

Garage Storage Overhead Racks Clear Clutter

Attics are great, but not very useful for storing items that you use all the time. Overhead storage systems and overhead racks for your garage are pertinent to a great organization system. We know that between coolers, beach chairs, sporting equipment and seasonal items - your garage gets full quickly! The more items you have to store in your garage, the messier it becomes, which is why overhead storage systems are the best solution for a packed full garage!

Are Overhead Racks Right for My Garage?

Overhead storage systems are great in any garage in any area of the world, but they are especially wonderful in places where it rains often or has a chance of flood. The Cayman Islands are beautiful, relaxing and not very far above sea level, which means with a big storm your garage and home could be flooded. Over head storage and overhead racks protect your belongings from weather damage if this is ever to occur. Some other features include but are not limited to:

  • 10-gauge steel tracks make overhead racks strong enough for your heaviest storage items. 
  • Adds square footage to your garage by using ceiling space. 
  • Easy access to items you pull down a few times a year, just store them in plastic bins marked with labels!
  • Keeps your favorite belongings safe from environmental factors and flooding.

Don't wait to install overhead storage racks, they are the perfect solution for Cayman Island garage storage. Call today to start the installation process!